Shipping Policy

Digital media is delivered instantly following successful checkout.  Buyers will receive a secure link to download the file on the Thank You page and in a follow-up invoice email.  Links are active for 30 days and the media can be downloaded and stored permanently on multiple devices at any time during that period.  Larger media files are stored on a secondary cloud server that is linked to through a pdf file you will receive immediately.  These links have no expiration date.  Payments are secured by 256 bit SSL Encryption and we do not store or resell any personal data.  All files are guaranteed virus and spam free.

Refund/Return Policy


DigitalXpress does not accept returns on digital media as it is automatically delivered and we are unable to rescind this content.  We will refund a buyer in full within 30 days of sale if a major discrepancy is found between the listing description and the media provided, or if a significant error (i.e. missing pages, content, etc.) in the media is identified.  All purchases are also protected by buyer protection programs through PayPal and Stripe. We strive for customer satisfaction and respond to all inquiries promptly. 



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