Wrath of the Gods by William Patterson [eBook] Jeff Hawke Sci Fi Graphic Novel

Wrath of the Gods by Willie Patterson




As excerpted from 'Boy's World' Magazine 1963 


In 1956 William Patterson joined his childhood friend Sydney Jordan, at first writing only the dialogue for Jeff Hawke. Prior to this he did work on the Children's Encyclopedia for Amalgamated Press, also doing stories for Dan Dare and war comics. However, after a few years he began to produce plot lines and stories as well. This led to a dramatic improvement in the quality of the comic. Patterson made Jeff Hawke the first science fiction comic strip for adults, not just children or adolescents. Jordan, now concentrating entirely on drawing, improved his style to a highly suggestive, realistic, contrasted black-and-white mark. The Patterson-Jordan period is considered the "true" Jeff Hawke by most.

Wrath of the Gods by William Patterson [eBook] Jeff Hawke Sci Fi Graphic Novel


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