WEDDED AND PARTED [All Star Series No 18] by Bertha M. Clay [eBook]



The All Star Series No 18 - Pulp Pocket Book




The Lady Ianthe Carre had always been considered one of the proudest girls in England, It was no new title; it had been given by her nurses in early years; by the fair, haughty mother who had not lived to keep her child’s pride in check; by the old earl her father, who had boasted of it; by governesses and masters; by friends and companions—by everyone, in short, with whom she came in contact.


It was Christmas Eve, and, if ever Lady Ianthe felt tempted to be proud, it wras on this evening, when she stood in her magnificent dressing room with her jewels and rich dress all ready for use. It did not occur to her that a feeling of pride hardly accorded with the season which should be marked by peace, good will, and sweetest humility; when, if ever, lessons of meekness and gentleness were to be learned. Nothing of this occurred to Lady Ianthe. Her artistic mind did homage to the beauty of the season. She had stood for an hour or more at the window, watching the scene before her and admiring it. But that was all'; the time and season brought her no higher thoughts.




WEDDED AND PARTED [All Star Series No 18] by Bertha M. Clay [eBook]



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