Triamore: The Covenant at Lucien's Folly (Ars Magica Fantasy Roleplaying)

Welcome to Triamore: the Covenant at Lucien's Folly. This sourcebook describes this unique covenant, its manorial holdings, and the surrounding region. It's more than a narrow treatment of these topics, though. Is a treatise on the society, politics, and manorial life that surround every covenant, explaining how Triamore, the nearby villages, and the surrounding manors are similar to -- or different from -- every covenant, village, county, or duchy across Mythic Europe. Triamore is a living covenant, ready for occupation by a group of player characters, for use as a detailed non-player covenant, or as an example of what a well-developed Ars Magica covenant can be.

Triamore: The Covenant at Lucien's Folly (Ars Magica Fantasy RPG) [PDF]

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