The Trump Effect and Brexit: The 2016 United States Elections and the 2017 European Elections by M. Jorge C. Castela




A free reflection about Questions, Challenges and Threats posed to the Contemporary World:
How was it possible what happened and continues 
to happen in Aleppo?
How is it possible that a new form of Censorship 
is being promoted in the West?
The “useful idiots”, the “Charlatans of Jihadism”, “Cultural Marxism” and the combat on the Freedom of Expression.
Threats posed by the Islamic Imperialism: 
Terrorism, “Global Caliphate” and Sharia (perspectives on illegal immigration and the policy on “refugees”)
the dangers of a 3rd World War or “War of Civilizations”?
Portugal: from the “contrivance” to the “contraption” - 
the contradictions of a system in counter-cycle.



The Trump Effect and Brexit: The 2016 & 2017 U.S. & European Elections [eBook]

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