The Ozark Pain Killer Cookbook & Home Medical Adviser by Kay White Miles

Try the recipes in this book.

They're excellent. All of them. Our special favorite is the Shrimp Creole. Never have we found a finer recipe.

Many of us remember a doctor from childhood days who looked somewhat like "Dr. Billy." When we were ailing, we often felt better just to have them walk in the room. Even before they opened that black bag.

Most of today's doctors can't make house calls as the old-timers did. But, fortunately for us, they have the same concern for the well-being of their patients. And they have access to a wealth of medicine unknown in Dr. Billy's day.

"There's an answer somewhere," he used to say, in frustration.... "if I just knew what it was!"

48 Pages with b/w illustrations

The Ozark Pain Killer Cookbook & Home Medical Adviser by Kay Miles


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