The Military and Society in Russia: 1450-1917 (History of Warfare, 14) edited by Eric Lohr & Marshall Poe

  • Series: Oudtestamentische Studien, (Book 14)
  • Digital: 552 pages
  • Brill

This book explores the interaction of the Russian military and society in the early modern and modern period. In contrast to straightforward military histories, the volume is concerned with the myriad political, economic and cultural currents that shaped the Russian armed forces from their beginnings in Muscovite times to the end of World War I. The book begins with an attempt by the editors to provide a large frame in which to place the various contributions. What follows are three topical sections, including 22 detailed, often archival based monographic articles. The first section concerns The Military and Society in Muscovy; the second section focuses on The Military and Society in Imperial Russia. The third part analyzes Patriotism, Nationality, Religion and the Military.


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The Military and Society in Russia: 1450-1917 (History of Warfare, 14) [PDF]

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