The Glob by John O'Reilly, Illustrated by Walt Kelly (1952)

The Glob by John O'Reilly

Illustrated by Walt Kelly 

Viking Press 1952 

66 Pages

A newspaperman and a cartoonist (Walt Kelly) have combined to produce this fantastic distortion of the story of evolution. Possibly the basic element of man coming into being, and acquiring successive attributes over the centuries will carry across the utter nonsense of the humorous telling. For the Glob was a first being to emerge from the sea. Eventually he grew toes- and feet- then arms and hands; he learned to make a shelter; he knew what fear meant; he acquired a pet; he used a club in defense; he used a leopard skin for warmth; he discovered fire, and finally he met up with a tribe of less advanced creatures and taught them all he knew- And Man had arrived on earth. A deliberate paralleling of some of the patterns of growing up, which may make evolution mean something. 


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The Glob by John O'Reilly, Illustrated by Walt Kelly (1952)


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