The Fantastic Planet: A World of Magic and Mystery by Steven Caldwell

In "The Fantastic Planet", a trio of Terran surveyors make a forced landing on an uncharted world inhabited by several pre-industrial tribes. Against this primitive backdrop, they encounter ominous and mysterious modern infrastructure and are warned against angering a demi-god race known as Torkral. Being savvy space-farers, our heroes recognize the Torkral as an old race of marooned fellow space travelers who have harnessed the energy of the plant (and its indigenous people) to preserve their own dwindling race. Our heroes rally the oppressed peoples, and in the ensuing battle, marshal the defeat of the regime, freeing the enslaved peoples and make contact with Terran forces to make their escape.

The Fantastic Planet : A World of Magic and Mystery by Steven Caldwell [eBook]

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