The Early Pohl (Collected Stories) by Frederik Pohl [eBook]

The Early Pohl by Frederik Pohl




"In the winter of 1933, when I was just turned thirteen, I discovered three new truths. The first truth was that the world was in a hell of a mess. The second was that I really was not going to spend my life being a chemical engineer, no m atter w hat I had told my guidance counselor at Brooklyn Technical High School. And the third was that in my conversion to science fiction as a way of life I Was Not Alone.”


With these words, a highly acclaimed writer and editor begins his tale of early life and adventures in science fiction. Together with eight stories and one poem (all of which appeared during the period of 1940-44) is his delightful autobiographical commentary on each of them —as well as revealing anecdotes about his fandom associations, his friends and enemies, his many wives ...






The Early Pohl (Collected Stories) by Frederik Pohl [eBook]


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