The Axiom Archive (1969-1971) Legendary Aussie Band [MP3 320] Little River Band

Axiom ‎– The Axiom Archive 1969-1971

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Axiom was an Australian supergroup whose time was far too short-lived, due to a number of personal circumstances and career mishaps. The band was fronted by future Little River Band lead singer Glenn Shorrock, whose early roots and development of a distinctive vocal style are prominently on display here in full throttle, along with a band whose sound could easily appeal to fans of Traffic, Blind Faith, and the Faces. Heavily influenced by The Band, Axiom delivered textured, mature & engaging country rock, pop & soul. Much of this material has remained out of print or hard to find. Their debut album, Fool's Gold, the follow-up, If Only, and a scattering of B-sides provide not only a thorough and definitive look at a band whose fame never fully came to fruition, but an excellent resource for fans of this style to discover yet another one of Australia's long-lost rock gems. 

Track Listings
1. Arkansas Grass
2. Baby Bear
3. Ford's Bridge
4. Samantha
5. Take It or Leave It
6. A Little Ray of Sunshine
7. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
8. Mansfield Hotel
9. Can't Let Go of This Feeling
10. Country Pickin'
11. Once a Month Country Race Day
12. Fool's Gold
13. Who Am I Gonna See?
14. Same Old Country Song
15. My Baby's Gone
16. Father Confessor
17. Hold the Phone
18. Sailing Ships
19. Talking About It
20. Time and Time Again
21. Longest Day
22. Matter of Time
23. Show Me the Way
24. Rolling and Tumbling Down

The Axiom Archive (1969-1971) Legendary Aussie Band [MP3 320] Little River Band

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