The Allman Brothers Band – Keep On Wondering - Live Jam 1971 [MP3 320]

The Allman Brothers Band – Keep On Wondering


Godfather Records GR 606 [Bootleg]

Play Time: 75:37


1.  Please Don’t Keep Me Wondering

2.  Stormy Monday

3.  In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed

4.  You Don’t Love Me

5.  Dreams

6.  Mountain Jam. 

Only 1 year & 4 months after the band had formed the Allman Brothers were one of the biggest bands in America – Their second album “Idlewild South” would have soon been released to more critical & public acclaim than it’s predecessor by turning down the gruff, moodiness that layered it, becoming a little lighter in tone & cutting shorter the lengthy jams that were part of the bands live specialties ( It might have worked for the Beatles but releasing a 7 minute song for the radio was only ever going to be gift afforded the royalty of Rock & only then of a marginal basis. )

The recording here, originally released as “Jamming In Midnight” by The Polar Bear Records (PB – 099/100) as a two-CD set, ( This version omits “Whipping Post” but retains the lengthy “Mountain Jam” ) is a strong, bassy soundboard recording with only a little too much power for it’s own good. It’s not a broad stereo mix as instruments & voices all seem to come from the one place but this only bolsters its power. The small quibble with Allman fans might be that everyone seems to contest the recording date – The SUNY concert was reportedly on the 10th of July & not the 26th as it has been printed as before. 

The Allman Brothers Band – Keep On Wondering - Live Jam 1971 [MP3 320]

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