Syd Barrett ‎– Magnesium Proverbs Album (Pink Floyd) [MP3]

Syd Barrett ‎– Magnesium Proverbs

A Night Tripper Production ‎– SD-10 [Bootleg]

1 –Pink Floyd Lucy Leave
2 –Pink Floyd King Bee
3 –Pink Floyd See Emily Play
4 –Pink Floyd Arnold Layne
5 –Pink Floyd Candy And A Currant Bun
6 –Pink Floyd Flaming
7 –Pink Floyd Pow R Toc H
8 –Pink Floyd Astronomy Domine
9 –Pink Floyd Interstellar Overdrive
10 –Pink Floyd Reaction In G
11 –Pink Floyd Stoned Alone
12 –Pink Floyd Vegetable Man
13 –Pink Floyd Scream Thy Last Scream Old Woman With A Casket
14 –Pink Floyd Apples And Oranges
15 –Syd Barrett Baby Lemonade
16 –Syd Barrett Dominoes
17 –Syd Barrett Love Song
18 –Syd Barrett Terrapin
19 –Syd Barrett Gigolo Aunt
20 –Syd Barrett Effervescent Elephant
21 –Syd Barrett Octopus
22 –Syd Barrett Clowns And Jugglers (Mystery Bits!)
23 –Pink Floyd Jugband Blues

Bass – Dave Gilmour* (tracks: 15 to 22)
Drums – Jerry Shirley (tracks: 15 to 22)
Guitar, Vocals – Syd Barrett

Tracks 1-2. 1966 studio recordings dubbed from original EMI disc acetate 
Track 3. 1967 studio recording dubbed from original EMI disc acetate, alternate mix 
Tracks 4-5. February 27, 1967 studio recordings, Sound Techniques Studios, Chelsea, London 
Track 6. 1967 studio recording alternate mix, different from U.S. 45 
Tracks 7, 8 & 9. May 4, 1967 television performance from "Look of the Week", BBC2 
Track 10. July 1967 radio broadcast from Radio Carlisle, Scotland 
Track 11. September 13, 1967 live performance, Star Club, Copenhagen, Denmark 
Tracks 12 & 13. October 1967 studio recording, De Lane Lea Studios, London 
Track 14. August 1967 studio recording, final Pink Floyd 45 w/Syd 
Tracks 15, 16 & 17. February 1970 radio broadcast "Sound of the Seventies", BBC 
Tracks 18-21. Syd's only live solo appearance Royal Festival Hall, London, June 1, 1970 [6.6.70, Extravaganza '70, Olympia, London]
Track 22. It's a mystery!! 
Track 23. Alternate mix from U.K. mono version of "Saucerful of Secrets", recorded October 1967 De Lane Lea Studios, London

Syd Barrett ‎– Magnesium Proverbs Album (Pink Floyd) [MP3]

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