Starjacked by William Greenleaf [eBook]

Starjacked by William Greenleaf 




Intergalactic outlaws have joined forces with the Guards, sworn protectors of the interplanetary skipways. Together the unlikely co-conspirators have space-pirated the starship, Copernicus.  But when Leo Blannon follows a hot tip in search of a news story, he gets light-years too close to the action. Captured by the starjackers, then rescued by a rag-tag band of stowaways-soon Blannon is leading a full-scale guerrilla rebellion aboard the Copernicus.

Starship corridors become battlefields as Blannon and his team clash in a desperate struggle to seize control of the ship-and the deadly cargo secreted in its hold...



Starjacked by William Greenleaf [eBook]


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