Star Trek Roleplaying Game: Player's Guide (RPG Core Manual) [PDF]

Star Trek Roleplaying Game: Player's Guide


Digital: 256 pages

Decipher (2002)

The Star Trek Player's Guide includes: 
■ All the basic rules needed for play, easily convertible from previous Star Trek RPGs 
■ Original Star Trek canon consistent with previous versions of the Star Trek RPG 
■ Character creation, including six archetypes for fast play, ten player character species, and nine professions 
■ Details for playing characters from any Star Trek setting: Star TrekTM, Star Trek: The Next GenerationTM, Star Trek: Deep Space NineTM, or Star Trek: VoyagerTM 
■ Equipment and starships from all of the TV shows and films 
■ Detailed, never-before-seen information about the Star Trek setting, including a comprehensive history of each Star Trek era


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Star Trek Roleplaying Game: Player's Guide (RPG Core Manual) [PDF]

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