Sea Demons (1977) by Lawrence Yep [eBook]

Sea Demons by Lawrence Yep




The sea was black and the night had just begun. Ciaran and her half-brothers watched spellbound from the shore as the monsters released the creature into the water. Formed like a perfect human being, she swam effortlessly farther and farther away. Then, drawn more by curiosity than anything else, she turned and swam back to the human colonists.


To Ciaran, the daughter of the settlement's leader, and to the Anglic, the revered community artisan, the creature is a sad and forlorn child to befriend. It is Ciaran who names her Maeve and the Anglic who lets her share his dwelling, but to a vast majority of colonists, Maeve is a cause of fear and superstition— a creature who cannot speak clearly, who cannot cry when she is sad. Ciaran and the Anglic are no more able to ease the hostility toward Maeve as she grows up than they are able to prevent her from slipping away each night on her expeditions to the sea and the demons to whom she truly belongs.




Sea Demons (1977) by Lawrence Yep [eBook]

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