Radiant Energy by Bruce Perrault [eBook]

Radiant Energy by Bruce Perrault




The ONLY reason why free energy has been suppressed and forced out by economics, politics and bankers, is because they are operating through fraudulent man-made laws which are at odds (out of balance) with nature. There is no reason that Paul Pantone spent months upon months in a mental hospital by court order for attempting to reduce the footprint we place directly on the face of mother nature and spaceship earth. Wilhelm Reich was unlawfully harassed by FDA/court officials - this again having nothing whatsoever to do with natural law - Wilhelm Reich worked for the benefit and health of all humanity. That John Bedini, Joe Booker, Viktor Schauberger, Thomas Henry Moray and others have been attacked, vilified, threatened, purposefully forgotten and ripped off means that the society and systems that allow this to happen "legally", are frightfully wrong. Thus we need to tear this current system apart from the root and plant a new seed which is in harmony with nature and God's Law. Only by all of us working as aware crewmembers of spaceship Earth - for the benefit of every crewmember, instead of selfishly for ourselves can we ever hope to escape the slavery that we are in right now.



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Radiant Energy by Bruce Perrault [eBook]

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