Philips CD-i Interactive Video Game PINBALL

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Released:  1991

Platform:  CD-i

Genre:  Action

Perspective:  Top-down

The game features four different tables: Cyber, Meltdown, Spring Break and Dogfight.  


Cyber features a magnetic strip in the centre of the table which can hold your ball in its field at certain times. When it is you can try to deactivate it at the right time to guide your ball to the target you want to hit.

Meltdown features various chutes in a reactor that can be opened for more points.

Spring Break has a beach theme where you need to spell the words Spring Break.

Dogfight has a World War I airplane theme. At the table you are required to refuel your flippers from time to time or else they go dead.

Philips CD-i Disc Interactive Video Game PINBALL [ISO ROM Download]

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ISO (original disc image file).  


Virtual mount or burn to disc.  A CD-i emulator and ROM hack is required to run this on a PC.


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