PANZER GENERAL by SSI Original Video Game - Ez Click Install & Play for Windows


The original game in all its glory integrated with DOSBox for modern operating systems. No messing with emulators and loading files. Simply download the program, open the setup file and the game is automatically installed and instantly playable with one click. Closing the game is as easy clicking the [esc] key. Guaranteed to look, sound and play in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP just like it did in the old days.

The Generals series, which began with Panzer General, is hailed as the best wargame series produced by S.S.I.

Panzer General possesses magnificent graphics for a wargame of 1990s vintage. The units are easily recognized thanks to the special attention given to detail, and the strategic maps where the forces advance from are of impeccable quality. This CD version of the game adds bonuses like authentic video-footage from the WWII archives, and CD-quality sound for music and sound effects. Of course, these features are expected in modern games. However, in 1994, such audio/video attention for a wargame was exceptionally rare.


PANZER GENERAL by SSI Original Video Game - Ez Click Install & Play for Windows

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Self-installing .exe file


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