Our Energetic Evolution in Healing [eBook] Free Yourself of Unseen Forces

Our Energetic Evolution in Healing: Free Yourself From the Unseen Forces That Can Make You Sick by Karen Y. Mileson


Transform the energy in your life from toxic to healthy! If you know you can feel healthier and younger but you just haven't found the right tools, then Karen Mileson's book was written just for you. You will learn how to find and transform the causes and sources of what is keeping you from feeling as great as you possibly can - so that you can lead the life you desire.


Read this amazing story of Karen Mileson's life-or-death search to uncover the mysterious cause of her illness - and its connection to her husband's death. Karen learned these health secrets the hard way - so that you don't have to. Her struggle to survive led to the startling discovery of the source of these unseen life-threatening forces. Ms. Mileson reveals solutions that transform the energy toxicity in your life in order to transform your life. Karen created ENERGEMS - Energized Gems - to first neutralize the toxicity in YOUR "Sick House," including from geopathic, electromagnetic and WiFi stresses. You'll then discover how to test for and neutralize the toxicity in YOUR cell phone; how to make YOUR best drinking water; how to test for and heal YOUR painful emotions; how to identify YOUR best foods and supplements. Once the source of the toxins and these blocks to healing in YOUR life have been found and neutralized, then YOUR body is ready to release all of this stored toxicity. Karen gives you different methodologies to do this, including her cutting-edge energetic health secrets.

Our Energetic Evolution in Healing [eBook] Free Yourself of Unseen Forces

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