Kurt Warner's Arena Football Unleashed (Playstation 1 One Game) [ISO]

Kurt Warner's Arena Football Unleashed
by Midway Entertainment

[Playstation One]

Before Kurt Warner was a Super Bowl XXXIV MVP for the St. Louis Rams, he was an Arena Football League star for the Iowa Barnstormers. You can bet he knows the 50-yard indoor war. This game features six-on-six arcade-style play, each of the 17 AFL teams and arenas, customizable playbooks and audibles, four-player support with the separately sold Multi-Tap, and Larry Beil, the official voice of the AFL, calling the play-by-play. And, of course, in a game without penalties, you can expect plenty of jaw-dropping hits.

Kurt Warner's Arena Football Unleashed (Playstation 1 One Game) [ISO]

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Play this game on your PC by using a compatible emulator or burn to disc and play on a modded original Playstation console.


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