King of Kearsarge by Arthur O. Friel [eBook]

King of Kearsarge by Arthur O. Friel 




Donald King, a young business man, returned from a camping trip to his home in New York City, to run bluntly into convincing evidence that his beautiful young wife was faithless to him. He was terribly shocked, and suppressing his rage, he yielded to a determination to return to the Kearsarge Mountains, in New Hampshire, where he had been camping. First he made a forced call upon the man who had betrayed his faith, and they had a desperate fight, as the result of which King believed he had killed his wife’s lover; but the shot did not prove fatal, although King did not learn of this until many months later. In New Hampshire he lives the life of a hermit. He is befriended by a farmer, Joe Dale, and the farmer’s beautiful daughter, Pansy. The author makes the most of this situation. The villain of the story, Jules, is a half-breed, and as both men are in love with Pansy, there are many fights, not to mention the fighting King has at the lumber camp; in fact, there was in King’s daily life anything but dullness. King’s greatest battle comes when he defends Pansy from the halfbreed.


“King— of Kearsage” is a type of story that will appeal to men readers, but there are women readers who enjoy a story with thrills and a good romance who will enjoy this story.






King of Kearsarge by Arthur O. Friel [eBook]


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