Keeper Of The Children by William H. Hallahan (1980) [eBook]

Keeper Of The Children by William H. Hallahan




Alone in a child's bedroom in a suburban Philadelphia home, Eddie Benson listens for footsteps on the stairs.  The footfall Eddie is waiting for will not be human. It could be someone's pet cat, or a stuffed teddy bear, or even a smiling marionette doll.  But whatever it is that comes creeping up the stairs it will have two horrifying qualities: it will be propelled by a diabolic force and it will have only one intention - murder.  If Eddie Benson wants his daughter back, he will have to fight a battle ' no human has ever fought before. And he must win. For only the victor can't return with his life - and soul - from the realms of such dark, unnatural evil.



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Keeper Of The Children by William H. Hallahan (1980) [eBook]

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