James Baldwin - Dialogue with Nikki Giovanni (1973) [eBook]

James Baldwin - Dialogue with Nikki Giovanni

Lippincott (1973) [Digitized]
112 pages


"This dialogue is so layered with leaping brilliance and powerful observations that it feels like a crystalline oasis in the contemporary desert of media static. The conversation beautifully highlights the differences of perspective between Baldwin and Giovanni, in both their gendered and generational experience (at the time Giovanni was 28 and Baldwin 49). The conversation also happens to contain the best thinking I've read on the current racial problems in the United States, even though it took place over 40 years ago ... Some pages have so many pithy and powerful observations exchanged in short bursts, it's astounding to realize these two were just riffing in real-time, off the cuff. If you can get your hands on this hard-to-find book, I would consider it a must read."

James Baldwin - Dialogue with Nikki Giovanni (1973) [eBook]

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