Invasion of the Space Invaders (1982) by Martin Amis

Invasion of the Space Invaders by Martin Amis

128 pages
Hutchinson (1982)

Martin Amis's closet passion project, first published in 1982- a compulsive gamer's guide to arcades and beating your younger self's high score in this offbeat book, introduced by Stephen Spielberg. Acclaimed author Martin Amis explores how 1980s video games took a generation by storm. Delving into the electric atmosphere of the arcades where he misspent his youth. He asks why did Space Invaders invade our hearts and minds? How much time, loose change and sex appeal did they cost us? And most importantly, which secret cheats and tactics must we master to reach the next level. Part cautionary tale, part celebration of a lifelong addiction, this is an essential manual for many a self-confessed cyber geek, computer nerd, and joystick junkie.


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Invasion of the Space Invaders (1982) by Martin Amis


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