Hedge Fund Leadership: How To Inspire Peak Performance [eBook] Ari Kiev

Hedge Fund Leadership: How To Inspire Peak Performance from Traders and Money Managers by Ari Kiev 




In recent years, as hedge fund have quickly grown in size and scope, it has become even more important to understand the proper management practices associated with these investment vehicles. And while an increasingly large number of progressive hedge funds are attempting to incorporate teamwork and cooperation into their business plans, this situation has led to new leadership challenges that must be addressed in order to achieve success.


That's why author Ari Kiev has created Hedge Fund Leadership. This book-his sixth combing the complex aspects of trading and psychology-focuses on the issue of leadership in hedge funds and how great leaders can organize themselves and their associates to form a highly functioning fund that is great than the sum of its parts.


Written with the financial professional in mind, this valuable resource skillfully explains how to assemble, motivate, and manage a group of traders within a fund and sheds much-needed light on the importance of aligning trades with the overall vision and goals of a hedge fund. throughout the book, Kiev shares his perspectives on various leadership themes-which he's explored with the help of numerous hedge fund managers over the last several years-and discusses how a delicate balance between empowerment and control must be struck in order to enhance the performance of today's hedge fund.

Hedge Fund Leadership: How To Inspire Peak Performance [eBook] Ari Kiev

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