Frank Lillie Pollock - (Short) Stories from the Black Cat Pulp (1898-1909) [PDF]

Frank Lillie Pollock - Collected Stories from the Black Cat (1898-1909)

130 pages


Francis Lillie Pollock (February 4, 1876 – 1957) was an early twentieth-century Canadian science fiction writer. He was born in Huron County, Ontario, Canada in 1876. He wrote 'commercial fiction' under the pseudonym Frank L Pollock and literary fiction under his own name. 


The sale of a serialised novel, The Treasure Trail, enabled him to leave his job at the Toronto Mail and Empire in 1907 to pursue a full-time writing career. Pollock's writing career was pursued in tandem with a life of beekeeping. Many of his fictions are influenced by bees. Pollock kept an apiary in Shedden, Ontario and farmed commercially. He and his second wife, Zella Taylor retired to Georgetown, Ontario.


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Frank Lillie Pollock - (Short) Stories from the Black Cat Pulp (1898-1909) [PDF]


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