Fighting With Sticks by Nick Evangelista (Hand to Hand Combat) [eBook]

Fighting With Sticks by Nick Evangelista 
Illustrated by Holly Tuttle 


158 pages

Loompanics [978-1559501767

Errol Flynn, Bruce Lee and Sean Connery did it. So did Medieval swordsmen and African warriors who wielded their oars as weapons. It's the ancient art of stick fighting, revered and explained in the pages of this book.

Author Nick Evangelista shows readers how to use stick fighting for fun and self-defense. It doesn't matter if you're flaunting a foil or gripping a dowel from the hardware store - the techniques in this book will teach you how to wield the stick with grace, power and optimum effectiveness.

You'll learn the comprehensive history of the stick and all its forms: shepherd's crook, wooden swords, cranes and foils are just a few. Detailed lists provide places where you can find special equipment and organizations. The step-by-step approach makes stick fighting safe and fun. In this book you'll find:

* How to play variations of the singlestick game * The proper way to hold your body and your stick for games and real-life combat situations * How to make canes, walking sticks and single sticks * Sportsmanship and attire for the stickfighting realm

Why sticks? Because they're handy, easy to operate and don't require ammunition or a license. And in the event of a societal breakdown or nuclear holocaust, you'd still be able to find a stick - and use it.


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Fighting With Sticks by Nick Evangelista (Hand to Hand Combat) [eBook]

SKU: 978-1559501767

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