Fantasy Concepts Campaign Resource - D20-based Open Gaming system (RPG)

Fantasy Concepts Campaign Resource

Samardan Press (2007)
Pages: 108

Fantasy Concepts is a D20-based Open Gaming system that implements the latest in streamlined D20 game mechanics to bring a new level of versatility and creativity to your fantasy roleplaying experience. The Fantasy Concepts Campaign Resource offers: a streamlined skill system with a reduced skill list for ease of game play and character advancement; a new combat system aimed at a rapid resolution of conflicts without losing any of the fun; seven races and six character classes that utilize talent paths for character development; twenty-nine talent paths containing 128 talents to help customize your character; over 100 feats that offer flexibility and diversity in support of your character concept; an action point system that is fully integrated with the rest of Fantasy Concepts; simple conversion details that allow you to use the spells and monsters from your other D20-based Open Gaming systems; and much more. This illustrated 108-page PDF is bookmarked for ease of use.


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Fantasy Concepts Campaign Resource - D20-based Open Gaming system (RPG)


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