Embracing Failure Harness the Power of Fear in Life & Business [eBook] Pelletier

Embracing Failure: Harness the Power of Fear in Life and Business by Mat Pelletier




Lioncrest Publishing (2019)


When you’re ready to take the next step in your life, whether that means starting a new business or applying for college, one force will block your path like a brick wall: fear. It becomes nearly impossible to take a risk when the negative consequences of that choice swirl in your head: financial ruin, humiliation, or the sting of failure.

What fear keeps you from seeing is that failure is the first step toward achievement.


In Embracing Failure, Mat Pelletier shows you how to shake off the paralyzing effects of fear and move toward what you want most. He’ll equip you with the tools needed to dig up seeds of doubt and plant seeds of confidence, plus a framework to set attainable goals and track your progress. Your road to success will come with obstacles, but if you learn to push past them, you’ll find the best things in life waiting on the other side. This is a story of inspiration, motivation, and ultimate success.

Embracing Failure Harness the Power of Fear in Life & Business [eBook] Pelletier

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