Easy beats - The Complete Easybeats [6 Volume Set] [Digital Album]

Easybeats - The Complete Easybeats


The Easybeats were an Australian rock band that formed in Sydney, Australia, in late 1964, and disbanded at the end of 1969. They were the first rock and roll act from Australia to score an international pop hit with the 1966 single "Friday on My Mind". 


Track Listings
1. Its So Easy
2. I'm A Madman
3. I Wonder
4. She Said Alright
5. I'm Gonna Tell Everybody
6. Hey Girl
7. She's So Fine
8. You Got It Off Me
9. Cry Cry Cry
10. A Letter
11. Easy Beat
12. You'll Come Back Again
13. Girl On My Mind
14. You Cant Do That
15. For My Woman
16. Say That Your Mine
17. The Old Oak Tree
18. Friday On My Mind
19. Lisa
20. Find My Way Back Home
21. No One Knows
22. She's So Fine (Live)

1. Let Me Be
2. You Are The Light
3. Woman (Make You Feel Alright)
4. Come And See Her
5. I'll Find Somebody To Take Your Place
6. Someway Somewhere
7. Easy As It Can Be
8. I Can See
9. Sad And Lonely And Blue
10. Somethin Wrong
11. In My Book
12. What About Our Love
13. Then I'll Tell You Goodbye
14. Wedding Ring
15. Me Or You
16. Too Much
17. I'll Make You Happy
18. A Very Special Man
19. Tryin So Hard
20. Friday On My Mind (Mono)
21. Made My Bed (Gonna Lie In It)
22. Happy Is The Man
23. How You Doing Now
24. All Gone Boy (Million Dollar Baby)
25. Mandy

1. Sorry
2. Funny Feelin
3. Say You Want Me
4. You Said That
5. Going Out My Mind
6. Not In Love With You
7. Promised Things
8. The Last Day Of May
9. Today
10. My My My
11. Dance Of The Lovers
12. What Do You Want Babe
13. Cant You Leave Her
14. Hound Dog
15. Do You Have A Soul
16. Saturday Night
17. My Old Mans A Groovy Old Man (Inst)
18. Historeasy
19. Mean Old Lovin
20. I'm Happy
21. Hey Babe
22. I Dont Agree
23. Keep Your Hands Off My Babe
24. I'm Just Trying

1. Little Queenie
2. Baby I'm Comin
3. Lisa
4. I'm On Fire
5. Wait A Minute
6. We'll Make It Together
7. Peter
8. Me And My Machine
9. The Shame Just Drained
10. Mr Riley Of Higginbottom And Clive
11. Kelly
12. Where Old Men Go
13. Johnny No One
14. Amanda Storey
15. Standin On Third Avenue
16. Do You Have A Soul
17. Where Did You Go Last Night (Inst)watch Me Burn
18. Where Did You Go Last Night
19. Heaven And Hell
20. Happy Is The Man
21. Land Of Make Believe
22. Coke Jingle 1 Come And See Her
23. Coke Jimgle 2
24. Coke Jingle 3
25. River Deep Mountain High

1. Do You Have A Soul
2. Saturday Night
3. You Me We Love
4. Pretty Girl
5. Friday On My Mind
6. Happy Is The Man
7. Hound Dog
8. Who'll Be The One You Love
9. Made My Bed (Gonna Lie In It)
10. Remember Sam
11. See Line Woman
12. Heaven & Hell
13. Do You Have A Soul (Long Version)
14. Women (Make You Feel Alright)
15. All Gone Boy (Million Dollar Baby)
16. You Me We Love
17. Lisa
18. Good Times

1. What In The World
2. Falling Off The Edge Of The World
3. The Music Goes Round My Head
4. Cant Take My Eyes Off You
5. Sha La La
6. Come In You'll Get Pnemonia
7. See Saw
8. Land Of Make Believe
9. Fancy Seeing You Here
10. Hello How Are You
11. Hit The Road Jack
12. We All Live Happily
13. I Cant Stand It
14. Me Down And Die (Inst)
15. Lay Me Down And Die
16. Bring A Little Lovin
17. The Music Goes Round Mt Head
18. Hello How Are You
19. Come In You'll Get Pneumonia
20. Falling Of The Edge Of The World
21. Come In You'll Get Pneumonia
22. Falling Off The Edge Of The World

Easy beats - The Complete Easybeats [6 Volume Set] [Digital Album]

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