Dreamblade Encyclopedia (Wizards of the Coast) RPG Miniature Game [eBook PDF]

Dreamblade Encyclopedia by Wizards of the Coast



In a game of Dreamblade, two players engage in a duel. The game is won by the first player to gain six "victory points". A "victory point" is gained by the player with the most "conquest points" at the end of a turn, earned by controlling territories and destroying your opponent's creatures. Some abilities also grant "victory points".

Each player begins with a Warband composed of no more than 16 miniatures. In the course of the game these miniatures are put into play where they are used to accumulate conquest points towards winning the turn and from there the game. There are two types of miniatures, creatures, and locations. The miniatures, along with the playing area, and special six-sided attack dice comprise the unique elements of the game.

Dreamblade Encyclopedia (Wizards of the Coast) RPG Miniature Game [eBook PDF]


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