Converting Vegetarians by Infected Mushroom [Double Album] [MP3 320]

Converting Vegetarians by Infected Mushroom

Infected Mushroom take psychedelic trance and freestyle electronica beyond their boundaries by using a combo of acoustic and chunky electric guitars and distortions and mixing them up with acid tones, light melodic breaks, relentless beats and soaring angelic vocals. All the while, the harshness of the music pounds throughout a brilliant combination of style and effect. The duo create a massively funkadelic atmosphere complete with experimental twangs, twists and ambient noises which play alongside deep bass and frantic beats. add in acidic flavour for another unusual but highly entertaining take on the electronic / trance genre.

Track Listings
1. Albibeno
2. Hush Mail
3. Apogiffa Night
4. Song Pong
5. Chaplin
6. Echonomix
7. Scorpion Frog
8. Deeply Disturbed
9. Semi Nice
10. Yanko Pitch

Volume: 2
1. Converting Vegetarians
2. Elation Station
3. Drop Out
4. Avratz
5. Blink
6. Shakawkaw
7. Pletzturra
8. I Wish
9. Ballerium
10. Selecta
11. Illuminaughty
12. Jeenge
13. Elevation

Converting Vegetarians by Infected Mushroom [Double Album] [MP3 320]

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