Consensual Sadomasochism How to Talk About It and How to Do It Safely by Henkin

Consensual Sadomasochism : How to Talk About It and How to Do It Safely by William A. Henkin


Daedalus (2003) (2nd ed)


Changes: An Introduction to the Second (Revised) Edition

In 1996, when Consensual Sadomasochism first appeared, participant literature about BDSM was still fairly rare. Yet the field was clearly growing, and partly for that reason we did not conceive of our contribution as an introductory text, but rather as something that could accompany or follow the various fine SM primers that had recently come on the market, including Race Bannon’s Learning the Ropes, Patrick Califia’s Sensuous Magic, and Jay Wiseman’s SM 101.

Revising our book at the sunrise of a new century, our purpose has not changed. But the SM community has changed remarkably since 1996, and so has its literature. It would take a volume beyond the scope of ours to document all those changes, but a few brief observations pertain to this book.

In 1996 San Francisco was still pretty much the red hot center of American SM, at least on the west coast, though not nearly to the extent it had been a decade and two decades earlier. But still there were just a handful of SM activities each month here – a few meetings, a few parties, classes that were beginning to burgeon. As we write now, on the cusp of 2003/4, you could attend a different SM event pretty much every night of the year in the San Francisco Bay Area and still not take in everything.

To keep our observations current, as well as our information, we’ve updated our glossary, tweaked many pages, revised our Resources section, and completely redone our information on Cyber SM. We’ve also added a few new sections for this edition, including some pages on "How to Find an SM-Positive (or Neutral) Therapist," "Monogamous SM Relationships," and "Aftercare."


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Consensual Sadomasochism How to Talk About It and How to Do It Safely by Henkin

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