Cinderella - Unreleased Demos (Double Album) 1983-1986 [MP3 320]

Cinderella - Unreleased Demos 1983-1986 

1. Nobody's Fool
2. Shake Me
3. Livin' Fast
4. Cum Inside
5. Love For Sale
6. Young And Restless
7. Wastin' My Time
8. Playin' With Fire
9. High On Rock And Roll
10. Son Of A Bitch
11. Hell On Wheels
12. Hotter Than Hot
13. Almost There Now
14. Devil In Disguise
15. Stop The Fire
16. Breakin' The Chains
17. Get Lost
18. Somebody Save Me
19. Over The Edge
20. Left My Heart 

Cinderella - Unreleased Demos (Double Album) 1983-1986 [MP3 320]


MP3 (320 kbps CD-Quality)  


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