Capitalism and Class Struggle in the USSR: A Marxist theory (Avebury Series in Philosophy) by Neil C Fernandez

First published in 1997, this was the first Autonomist Marxist book on the USSR. The various theories of Soviet capitalism are considered more comprehensively than in any previous work, and are shown to be inadequate insofar as they fail to demonstrate satisfactorily the predominance of the category of capital. A powerful new theory is developed which does precisely this, introducing the concepts of bureaucratic forms of both exchange-value and money. This constitutes an important contribution to the overall theoretical critique of capital. Attention is then turned to the class struggle. For the first time, the various ’Marxist’ theories of the USSR are systematically considered in relation to what they say about the working class and its struggle.

Capitalism and Class Struggle in the USSR: A Marxist Theory by Neil Fernandez


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