Breaking Negative Thinking Patterns [eBook] A Schema Therapy Self-Help & Support

Breaking Negative Thinking Patterns: A Schema Therapy Self-Help and Support Book by Gitta Jacob 


Breaking Negative Thinking Patterns is the first schema-mode focused resource guide aimed at schema therapy patients and self-help readers seeking to understand and overcome negative patterns of thinking and behaviour.

Represents the first resource for general readers on the mode approach to schema therapy

Features a wealth of case studies that serve to clarify schemas and modes and illustrate techniques for overcoming dysfunctional modes and behavior patterns

Offers a series of exercises that readers can immediately apply to real-world challenges and emotional problems as well as the complex difficulties typically tackled with schema therapy

Includes original illustrations that demonstrate the modes and approaches in action, along with 20 self-help mode materials which are also available online

Written by authors closely associated with the development of schema therapy and the schema mode approach

Breaking Negative Thinking Patterns [eBook] A Schema Therapy Self-Help & Support

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