Battlestar Galactica Classic Series (14 Volume eBook Set)

Battlestar Galactica Classic Book Series (14 Volume Set)


Battlestar Galactica: Original Story (1979) by Glen A. Larson
Saga of a Star World (1978) by Robert Thurston
The Cylon Death Machine (1979) by Robert Thurston
The Tombs of Kobol (1980) by Robert Thurston
The Young Warriors (1980) by Robert Thurston
Galactica Discovers Earth (1982) by Michael Resnick
The Living Legend (1982) by Nicholas Yermakov
War of the Gods (1982) by Nicholas Yermakov
Greetings from Earth (1983) by Ron Goulart
Experiment in Terra (1984) by Ron Goulart
The Long Patrol (1984) by Ron Goulart
The Nightmare Machine (1985) by Robert Thurston
Die, Chameleon! (1986) by Robert Thurston
Apollo's War (1987) by Robert Thurston
Surrender the Galactica! (1987) by Robert Thurston

Battlestar Galactica Classic Series (14 Volume eBook Set)




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