Apache Wells by Robert Steelman [eBook]

Apache Wells by Robert Steelman




"Old man Coogan was the dirtiest man I ever saw. He wore buckskins, the way they did back in the forties, and they were black and stiff and grease shiny. A crusty ring was on his neck and wrists and ankles. But he was the best guide in the Arizona Territory, they said, and for a hundred dollars in gold, he was getting us through the Apache country and on to California.  I guess it was worth it if you didn't have to stand downwind of him." 


So Joey Boston plunges into the story of what happened to him and his two brothers on the long, hard road to the West. Actually, they never did get beyond Arizona. The Boston boys, Saul, Dave, and Joey, came from a Godfearing family. And when Eda, Saul's wife, ran off with Dave, Saul quit the push to California, dug his heels in like a mule, and settled himself down right there in the middle of the desert.  And in that hostile country, they made a home -Apache Wells.  And that's where young Joey did some fast and powerful growing up. 






Apache Wells by Robert Steelman [eBook]

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