Adventure Time Roleplaying Game Handbook [Digital]

Adventure Time Role-Playing game handbook




In the questionably distant future there exists the Land of Ooo, and it is a place of wonder and mystery populated by goblins, wizards, ogres, candy people, and countless other weird and amazing creatures. It is a world renewed after an unknown cataclysm, a world of magic and heraldry built upon the mysterious ruins of our present. This is the land in which Adventure Time takes place.!

This book was created with the idea of helping players and dungeon masters adapt the 4th Edition of Dungeon and Dragons system to create a quickly progressing game set in the Adventure Time universe. Those unfamiliar with D&D 4E would do well to read the Player's Handbook (D&D 4e) to get a much more in-depth idea of how the game works. This handbook will, however, provide you with much of the information and many of the rule changes needed to start and run a successful game.!


Watching Adventure Time isn't required to play this game, although it will explain some of the lore and will allow player and dungeon master alike to interweave fun and exciting tidbits from the show into their games.!



Adventure Time Roleplaying Game Handbook [Digital]


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