AD&D 2.0 Ravenloft Level 5-7 RPG Adventure - Adams Wrath

AD&D 2.0 Ravenloft Level 5-7 Adventure - Adams Wrath




"Adam's Wrath" (1994), by Lisa Smedman, is the twelfth Ravenloft adventure. It was published in March 1994.


Continuing the Ravenloft Adventures. "Adam's Wrath" is the second Ravenloft adventure that didn't have a module code — though some sources indicate that it would have been "RE1".


Obviously "Adam's Wrath" is a Ravenloft take on Frankenstein (1818), which made it a nice match for the Dracula (1897) homage in RM4: "House of Strahd" (1993) and the werewolves of "Dark of the Moon". "Adam's Wrath" was also a nice complement to the previous Ravenloft supplement, RR8: "Van Richten's Guide to the Created" (1994).


"Adam's Wrath" was the last publication before the release of the revised Ravenloft Campaign Setting (May 1994), which updated the setting based on the results of the Grand Conjunction metaplot.


Adventure Tropes: And Then They Woke Up. "Adam's Wrath" kicks off with a trope that was being overused in the early days of Ravenloft: the players are forced into a TPK combat, then awaken as … something else. It was the same trick that was used in RQ3: "From the Shadows" (1992), which saw the players waken as disembodied heads, and quite similar to what was done in RM2: "The Created" (1993), which saw them waken as puppets. This time, they rather shockingly become flesh golems!


Adventure Tropes. The rest of the adventure is strongly event-driven, with "narrative" and encounters interweaving. Along the way, the players are given the opportunity to crawl through some smaller sites — mostly castles of Lamordia.


Expanding Ravenloft. The entire adventure is set in Lamordia, providing the first in-depth look at the domain. Detailed areas include Adam's Isle of Agony, Schloss Mordenheim, Schloss Von Aubrecker, and the Monastery that's the home to Adam's Children. There's also lots of trekking back and forth across the realm.


Monsters of Note. Obviously, this is the flesh golem adventure. Not only does it involve Ravenloft's star golem, Adam, but it also features "a number of skeletal bats and flesh golems" that are the result of Adam's attempts to recreate Dr. Mordenheim's experiments.


About the Creators. Smedman had just started working on supplements for TSR in 1993, but she was already making heavy in-roads to Ravenloft. Other early work for the setting included Castles Forlorn (1993), The Awakening (1994), and Hour of the Knife (1994).



AD&D 2.0 Ravenloft Level 5-7 RPG Adventure - Adams Wrath


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